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The Pancake Cook by Adriaan de Lelie

""Adriaan de Lelie (1755-1820)

For more detail, Kevin and I go talk about this painting in this video.


Detail: tea pot, hearth, tile floor, ladies shoe, foot warmer, fry pan, large jar, basket, plate, apples, onions, table , rag, pitcher, cook, servant, simple servants clothing, apron, mens hat,  smoking pipe, fire lighter, ember bowl, fireplace chain, bellows, short gown, shawl, cape, ladies cloth cap, brass frying pan, bird cage, door, window, curtain, ceiling hook, food, pancake

British Gentlemen at Sir Horace Mann’s Home in Florence – Thomas Patch ~ 1765

Thomas Patch (1725-1782)  from the Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection

Detail: boy , men , interior , food , tile , servant , fireplace , relief , dining room , dining table , chandeliers , candles , curtain , plates, dining chairs , fireworks , urn , wine coolers , bust , caricature  , paintings , sculpture ,  wine , meal , dinner, wine glass, bottles, walking stick

An Alchemist – Adriaen van Ostade 1661

Adriaen van Ostade (1610–1685)

Ok, it might be easier to say what isn’t in this painting.

Detail: alchemist, wife, children, basket, window, raised hearth, curtain, ladder, herbs, basket, bowl, pot, bottle, flask bread, scales, funnel jar, box, stool, spoon, kettle, pipe, specticles, knife, tongs, bellows, book, retort, jug, hourglass, drill, fire bucket, sieve, pitcher, dust pan, oven, plate, mortar and pestle, small kettle, matches

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