Still Life with Bread, Butter and Cheese - Smith 1754

Still Life of Table setting by Smith 1754 with Bread Butter and Cheese

George Smith, 1714-1776    from Yale Center for British Art

Day 3 of bread week,  there is a tall loaf of white bread for you.

Detail: decanter, bread, cheese, butter, plate, glass, wine, knife, table cloth

3 thoughts on “Still Life with Bread, Butter and Cheese - Smith 1754”

  • What would give a loaf of bread that shape? Would it have been baked in a bowl? Hmmm... The glass is interesting just in the fact that you could find one like it easily today.

  • That butter must have been from a Jersey cow, to have that colour!

    The bread probably came out that shape from being sqeezed between other loaves. Where the crust looks white is where they were separated. The bulge on top comes from having nowhere else to rise.

    Were there any regulations on cheesemaking back then?

  • Thsnks for the bread suggestion. That makes total sense. I just didn't get there on my own.

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