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Selfportrait with Family by Hendrik Spilman ~1760

Selfportrait with Family_Hendrik Spilman_~1760Hendrik Spilman (1736-1784)

Detail:  girl’s clothing, doll, cat, book, Ladies’ floppy black hat, cravat, wig

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  1. I love the floppy black hats. I am just wondering though how they kept them on. I guess they must tie in back under the bonnet or pinned on. Or maybe nothing at all. Maybe they weren’t like me and wouldn’t loose it quickly if not tightly connected to the head. It looks comfortable to the head, not in the way, and yet provide sun shade.

  2. This is a beautiful self portrait. He’s painted his heart which is interwoven with his family (who he’s clearly proud of). I particularly love the cat – that expression of long suffering compliance. Brilliant!

  3. What a visual divide between infancy and adulthood. The children are perhaps 2.5 years apart in age but one is a ‘little adult’ while the younger, girl? boy? do we know? is dressed as an infant.

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