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Self Portrait at the Easel by Jens Juel 1766

Selfportrait at the easel by Jens Juel(1745-1802)_1766Jens Juel (1745-1802)

Is that a muller on the window sill?  He shows up with this hat in other self portraits, is it sheep skin hat with the wool on the inside?

Detail: painter, portrait, window, curtain, bottle, small glass bottle, brushes, pigments, shell,  pallet, easel, canvas, shirt, waistcoat, hat, chair

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  1. I don’t think it is a muller, rather some sort of caster. A muller wouldn’t be made of metal so as to not add any minerals to the pigment.

  2. On the window sill there is a bottle, possibly of oil that he is sun thickening. The other object isn’t stone or glass so it isn’t a muller. On the table, there are paint filled bladders, a shell (interesting possible use since shells weren’t really used with oil paints). The tin box likely holds brushes he’s been using in turpentine or oil. There is also a chalk holder.

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