School for Girls by Philip Mercier

School for Girls_Philip Mercier (circa 1689-1760)Philip Mercier (circa 1689-1760)

Detail: school, school master, neck cloth, book, ink, inkwell, quill, students, floral hat, gown, hair, chair, table

4 thoughts on “School for Girls by Philip Mercier”

  • Uh huh.
    I'd keep an eye on that school master if I were a parent.
    The girl in the blue dress is not helping the situation either.

  • Looks to me like a feather hat, along the lines of

  • CoraVee Caswell April 12, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    Sleazy old man! Ones eyes go to him even hidden appropriately in the shadow. The girl looking at us seems to want to tell us a story, perhaps what he said to her. The girl being examined has a lot of self-control, but doesn't appear to be enjoying the situation. Her right hand appears to be clenched. I love the hat! covered with white feathers, which are then painted with flowers and fruit! A Milliner reenactor should have one for sale! The girls in general so resemble 21st century girls in expression and reaction. The artist has caught them well. I wonder if his sister or wife had had this experience at school.

  • Could this be a medical examination? He appears to be a parson or doctor.

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