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Scene in a London Street – Collet 1770

John Collet, ca. 1725-1780, British from Yale Center for British Art

Of course this one is so full that I won’t even try to mention everything.  It reminds me of Hogarth.  Don’t miss the dressed up dog.   Detail: jackets, sedan chair, sailors, striped caps, ladies hat, pottle baskets, swords, dirk, dogs, great coat,  neckwear, chimney sweep, striped knit caps.

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  1. On the right hand side…what is the large box with doors…and why is the young woman putting $ in the hat? Is it some kind of “peep show”?

    1. She is paying the men who are carrying her in the sedan chair, which operated mush like taxis, you could rent for the journey/hour day.

    2. Yes…see my subsequent reply…it took me a minute to figure it out…but I could see it better once I made picture bigger! Old eyes!!!!

  2. Ahhh….hold for drum roll….it’s seeming to be part of the sedan chair…which is a right curious configuration…

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