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Preparation of Gunpowder by Lodovico Buti ~16th century

Preparation-of-Gunpowder_Lodovico Buti_16th centuryLodovico Buti (c. 1560 – after 1611)

Detail: gunpowder, workroom, hammer mill, roller mill, sieve, barrel, hand mill, workman

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  1. The guy in the foreground appears to be sifting the powder & what looks like another sieve lying on the ground next to him. I wonder if he is breaking the powder up into the different grains. Today you get black powder in grains labeled as F, FF, FFF ect. The more “Fs” in a label means the finer the powder is. Grain sizes like FFF & FFFF would have been used for the flintlock firearms. A small amount of fine powder was poured into the flash pan of a musket. When the flint strikes the firzzen it creates a spark that ignites the powder in the pan. The smaller grain powders would ignite easier than larger grains.

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