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Peasants Playing Cards by Norbert van Bloemen

Peasants Playing Cards_Norbert vanBloemen(1670-1746)_18th centuryNorbert vanBloemen (1670-1746)

I am a bit intrigued by the glass bottle on the barrel head, it seems small for liquor and a bit big for medicine.  The context would seem to imply drink.  Ideas?

Detail: playing cards, chair, barrel, table, glass tumbler, jug, glass bottle, smoking pipe, child,window shutter

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  1. The small bottle seems to be a focal point in the painting. The way he’s made the light reflect off the blue glass, it’s practically on fire, while everything else around it is flat. It’s even positioned roughly in the center of the canvas. Maybe vanBloemen just liked the way he could make the bottle look and threw perspective and size out the window so he could have an excuse to put the bottle in there. The masters didn’t always follow the rules.

  2. The earthenware jug and half full glass on the ground, would indicate spirits, and coarse ones at that. Perhaps the bottle contained something more palatable for the lady?

  3. I like the open wooden “door” on the building to the left that is above the players. Is someone in there? I also like the detail of the way the wooden siding is applied just to the left of the “door”.

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