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Old Peasant with Jug – Mieris 1731

MIERIS, Frans van, the Younger
(b. 1689, Leiden, d. 1763, Leiden)

This painting, while it might not have as many objects still has items of great interest.   I am especially drawn to the shirt collar and the waistcoat detail, the small brass buttons. Of course the jug is great, interesting large opening.  Knives can be a bit tricky to really nail down at times and this knife, although we can’t see the tip, gives us some good information.

Details:  fur cap, mallet bottle, shirt collar detail,  waistcoat and buttons, jacket, bellarmine jug, redware plate, ham, wood handled knife.

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  1. The detailing of of the hand stitched button holes is wonderful-wish all mine came out that fine and even!

  2. This is a really great painting for early 18th cent. studies. In fact, I wonder if it is the EARLIER Mieris?
    I say this because the jug, clothing and knife could easily be from the late 17th cent., and the date seems ambiguously painted.

    Anyway, the ordinary looking knife is the common “cannon barrel” handle type, popular all over England and the Netherlands reaching it’s peak of popularity in the 1690’s. It seems to be a sure sign of mass production because of the half tang, and lathed handle. Brass ferule adds strength to the wood. Likely one of the forms of “sheeps’ foot” tips, of which there are several subtle variations. Numerous Dutch shipwrecks through the 1740’s revealed similar handles….albeit with fancy carving.

    Perhaps the artist is making a social statement by depicting an elder with “old fashioned” possessions?

    Great stuff, thank you for sharing,

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