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Mother and Child by Louis Bernard Coclers 1794

Siftingthepast_Mother and Child_Louis Bernard Coclers (1741–1817)_1794Louis Bernard Coclers (1741–1817) from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

I like this painting a lot and it has a few interesting features, the multiple rings on her hand is a bit out of the ordinary and other jewellery pieces seem a bit out of place with the not upper class surroundings.

Detail: table, chair, table knife, plate, bowl, bread, butter, glass bottle, cork , glass tumbler, jewellery, ring, earring, necklace,  child, hearth, trammel hook

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  1. I just recently started following you and I am really enjoying the paintings that you manage to find. I have a question though: on the second plate, it doesn’t really look like bread. It has a different color on the inside and is cut at an odd angle. It appears that butter is in the smaller dish. Any guesses at what is on that second plate? To me it looks like it could be a piece of cake or, stretching reason out a bit, a piece of a large vegetable?

    1. On closer inspection, I believe it is cheese. I ran it by Kevin and he thought it was a soft cheese with a mold rind. It kind of makes sense as bread and cheese made a very common simple meal in the time period.

    2. I think it is cheese. A big wedge of cheese (with rind) in the rear dish, and some cut slices of probably the same cheese in the front dish.

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