Middle Class Interior - Horemans II

Jan Josef Horemans (II) (1714–1792)

You guess the year....

Detail: dog, shoes, quilted jacket, bird, bird cage, bottles, glasses, ladies clothes, paintings, plate, biscuits, mitts, bed, table cloth, chair, cloth cap,

7 thoughts on “Middle Class Interior - Horemans II”

  • I kinda like the slab shutters on the window. Haven't seen these before, but it makes sense--it would have been cheaper that draperies for large windows.

  • Jennifer Emmons April 4, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Really like the quilted jacket. It also shows how long people have been pampering their pooches and making them wear silly collars :)

  • I agree, the first thing to catch my eye was the quilted jacket. I also am intrigued with the dress of the servant holding the plate of biscuits.

    These pictures are sure exercising my observation. I look first and then see if I notice the same things you list underneath. It sure took me awhile to find the bird this time. Then after I found it, I felt dumb not to have seen it sooner.

  • I wonder what's behind the curtain?

  • Mr. Townsend sells bottles like the one on the table. Looks like the woman sitting there has been sampling the contents. Did Mr. Townsend slip her a "mickey finn"?

  • 1730-1735 maybe. The young man is wearing his stockings over his breaches, an older man may continue this fashion in later years, but doubtful a younger man would.
    Regards, Keith.
    A Woodsrunner's Diary (blog).

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