Marriage a la Mode 6 - The Lady's Death by William Hogarth 1743

Marriage A la Mode 6 - The Lady's Death_William Hogarth_1743William Hogarth (1697 - 1764)

Detail: chair, pitcher dog, table, medicine bottle, doctor, child, plate, table knife, hogs head (food), food, window, smoking pipe, wall pegs, wall clock, painting (art), corner cupboard, glass bottle, almanac

5 thoughts on “Marriage a la Mode 6 - The Lady's Death by William Hogarth 1743”

  • What is on the back of the child's left leg?

    • This painting is the sixth in a satiric series by Hogarth and seems to be laden with symbolism.

      From Wikipedia:
      "The child's legs are fitted with calipers, indicating she has rickets (a disorder that contemporary commentators associated with over-indulgence — similar to the old Earl's gout in the first scene — rather than deprivation)."

  • A question to any that can answer or have an idea on the subject. Most paintings of the time show tables with cloth covers, for both rich and poor . Is this because it was the fashion of the time, The tables were ugly or just something the painters liked in view?

  • The painting by William Hogarth, made me THINK, for a long time. The baby wanting it's mother
    is heart-wrenching, and the dog helping himself to the food, puts it in perspective. A great painting I had never seen before. Thank You for the opportunity.

  • I'm not quite sure, but I think the label on the bottle on the ground reads: "Laudanum". Laudanum is a tincture of opium. It became famouse in the late 17th century as strong, but very adictive narcotic. A overdose can be deadly and the bottle on the ground is empty.

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