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Little Beggar Girl and Woman Spinning by Giacomo Ceruti 1720’s


Giacomo Ceruti (1698–1767)

Details: Shoes, Boots, Apron, Drop Spindle, Wooden Bowl, Woman, Child, Beggar, Poor, Patches, Spinning

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  1. Wow. As a reenactor I find this painting really helpful. It reminds me how “clean” we look in our portrayals of ordinary working people. I’m really moved by the quiet — almost serene — dignity of these two figures, captured by the artist who painted them as he saw them. It’s a really great image, one that motivates me to look deeper into the person I portray, paying at least as much attention to what his life “feels” like as his appearance. And not taking everything to the dry cleaners on Monday morning. And not patching every rip and tear.

    My thanks to all who make this site happen. It’s a real gift to the hobby of living history, and an encouragement to all of us to try harder to do it well.

  2. I’d like to suggest a couple of tags. The stick that she is spinning from is a distaff, and she is spinning flax into linen.

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