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Left Side Detail – Village Politicians by David Wilkie and Abraham Raimbach 1813

Left Side Detail - Village Politicians_David Wilkie and Abraham Raimbach_1813painter – David Wilkie (1785 – 1841) and engraver – Abraham Raimbach (1776 – 1843)

Another piece to the puzzle.   Does any have an idea about the bottle on the string?

Detail:  broom, barrel, bowl, chair, newspaper, spectacles, funnel, candles, beer bottles, bird cage, bottle on string, tavern, door, door latch

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  1. Bottle on a string……….Some say it doesn’t work but a plastic bag with water in it will keep flys away from a small area (we keep one out side the kitchen door, it works). They may be doing the same thing.

  2. The Bottle with the string is a fly trap My grand mother had on in our house when I was a kid. also at the museum I volunteered at also had one on display. they also had one for bed bug it look like a pot with a funnel on top.

  3. Jon,
    I agree with the fly trap or wasp/bee trap line of thinking. Ones I have seen have a bottom opening that funnels up into the main cavity. Water is added, creating a small moat around the funnel where the insects eventually drown. I believe it is because they easily fly up through the entrance, but have a hard time finding their way out. The top would be corked.

  4. The bottle on a string is a fly trap, my Grand mother had one that belonged to my Great Grandmother. Her’s was a mason jar that had a special top that went on it, you put sugar water in the bottom and the fly’s could get in but not out. I also remember her doing the trick with a glass Coke Bottle.

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