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l’ accordee de Village – Greuze 1761

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1725-1805)

Looks like someone has a problem,  but the bird seems happy.

Detail: bowl, bird, shoes, buckles, chair, table stockings, coat, papers,  neck  cloth, money bag, cloth cap, lantern, candles

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  1. There is more to this painting… The man on the far right is the notary, drawing up the marriage contract. The missing piece of the picture shows the future bride and the rest of the family, mother and other siblings. The mother, who is crying, is holding the future bride’s hand. A younger sister, who is also in tears, has her arm around the bride’s neck. The future bride is shy and looking down while she holds her fiance’s arm, too shy to even touch his hand.
    A little girl is feeding a mother hen and her chicks bread crumbs. One chick is drinking in the painting above.

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