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Kitchen Still Life with Parrot and Female Figure – Peter Jakob Horemans 1760

Peter Jakob Horemans ( 1700 – 1776 )

Detail:  girl, parrot, food, plate, copper pan, pewter plate, mallet bottle, manchet bread, tea cup, saucer, jug, meat, spoon, bowl, pot, onions, short gown with buttons

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  1. Just wanted to say how much I look forward to this your post everyday! This painting screams of me; to hell with the dirty dishes, I’m having a cup of tea first!

  2. Am curious about two things….what manner of small table is that – or, is it one of those “reenactor” type chairs with the back that slides in???? andm secondly…what is the meat with the leg and long tail??? I don’t want to say what it looks like to me!
    And, I second my friend Kathy’s comments above…I absolutely positively LOVE this blog. Good work!!!! Gorgeous stuff!

  3. Just a query, do you alter or edit these paintings in any way. Sometimes the images look just a little awkwardly composed compared with the artists’ other works?

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