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Interior with Sleeping Man and Woman Darning Socks by Wybrand Hendriks after 1800

Interior with sleeping man and woman darning socks by Wybrand Hendriks(1744-1831) after 1800Wybrand Hendriks (1744-1831) from the Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Detail: workman, pipe, apron, waistcoat, men’s coat, table, chair window, curtain, picture frame, straw hat, ribbon, cloth cap, sock, lace pillow, scissors, thread

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  1. Interesting you detail the man’s clothing but not the woman’s – think she is wearing linen skirt, white linen apron, a short gown with modesty scarf along with her white mob cap

    1. I agree. Her skirt appears to be hemmed in an interesting way, too. She is near-sighted, I also believe. Poor thing.

  2. The ‘woman’ is not listed, but the ‘workman’ is. You miss half the story here. This is a lovely illustration of woman’s work being a constant.

  3. Looks like they both have it hard, Notice the man is wearing a work apron, his hands rest over the pocket. He is so tired he has fell asleep smoking the pipe, notice it has turned almost down. he did not even clean up from work. and last I think it is neat that he is captured with “HAT HAIR”, most painting don’t show that. great painting

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