Interior of Blacksmith Shop - Pehr Hillestrom 1781

Interior of Blacksmith Shop_pehr hillestrom(1733-1816)_1781

Pehr Hillestrom  (1733-1816)

Detail: door, latch, forge, anvil, tools, hammer, wheel, apron, work cap, tongs, blacksmith, workmen

3 thoughts on “Interior of Blacksmith Shop - Pehr Hillestrom 1781”

  • Excellent resource, Thank You
    Next stop...Apply for a job re-enacting a Blacksmith at Spring Mill in Indiana.

  • Robert Nichols June 13, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    I am a blacksmith Historical Interpreter in Texas and have been smithing for over 15 years. No self-respecting blacksmith would leave tools scattered around on the floor as they present a serious tripping hazard. Those anvil horns can be sharp enough to ruin your day if you fall on one. Lots of artistic license in this one.

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