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Girl With A Tray By Philip Mercier 1750

Girl with a Tray by Philip Mercier 1750

Philip Mercier (1689-1760)

Is it a coffee pot?

Detail: Tray, flowered cup, coffee pot, ladies gown, cloth cap, serving girl

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  1. Based on the date, it could also be a chocolate pot. Thanks for posting all these wonderful pictures to this blog. I really do enjoy seeing them pop up in my email.

  2. My first thought is yes, it is a coffee pot. Generally for this date tea pots were on the small side and round in body. Also, those cups are what were referred to as coffee cans. Strange name for them in my book, but in my research that is what they were referred to. It is neat to see the lump sugar, also. Thanks for posting.

  3. I work for the Cit y of Bowie Museums, in Bowie, MD. We are privileged to own four paintings by M. Mercier. This lady is a new one on me. Where is she?

  4. Not a teapot. They are ceramic. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a perior one made from metal. Now, 10 will show up on my doorstep!!!!! I’ll put my $$ on the coffee pot. Chocolate pots are usually sort of tall, but wide at bottom and narrower at top. There is also a “movable” finial in the top of them for stirring what was very thick chocolate. This one could be movable, but my money is still on the coffee pot. That being said…the cups could be for chocolate or coffee. Tea c ups don’t have handles for a while yet.

    And, on another “eyeball it” note…notice t hat the print on the cups is echoed in her dress! Mercier was a Frenchman raised in Germany and transplanted to England. His girls always look very French in t heir faces. The four paintings we own are called “The Seasons,” two girls, one young boy and an old grandfather (winter). The girls-spring and summer- are different girls, b ut have the same facial characteristics.

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