4 thoughts on “Girl Chopping Onions by Gerrit Dou 1646”

  1. Just a thought, mebbe the onions are a bit of set dressing. It really looks like she is breaking curd for cheese-making, especially that coopered tub, it shouts dairy.

  2. what I find the most interesting is that she is working with onions, making food and yet there is a dead chicken hung right over her work station….I find it very aux natural , however, hints at unsanitary, even though it all seems very clean. The other curious item is a the coffee or tee pot that is over turned in a yet otherwise orderly kitchen . The child sitting at her side trying for her . The expression on her face just yells, ” really? have you nothing else to do then to play with your coloring brushes while I attempt at making supper ?” …guess his painting buddies were busy…lol

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