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George Rogers and His Wife, Margaret, and His Sister, Margaret Rogers by Francis Hayman 1750

""Francis Hayman ( 1708 – 1776 )

Detail: Ladies’ Clothing, bird, fowling gun, dog, hunter

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  1. In this painting and Marriage a la Mode 6 (Hogarth) from two days ago, the ribs of the dogs are clearly seen. In the latter the dog looks more emaciated, but it caught my attention when I first looked at the image, and in the former the dog seems less emaciated, but ribs are still visible. It may merely be the painters’ attempts at capturing detail, but I find it interesting.

  2. I thought this was meant to be a painting of the trio outside; it’s not. There is a small wooden wall next to the lady in blue. The group is posed in front of a mural. And I wonder – why a dead bird in a family portrait?

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