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General Thaddeus Kosciusko by Benjamin West 1797


Benjamin West (1738-1820)

Details: Couch, Slipcover, Man, Pillow, papers, inkstand, inkwell, crutch, smallsword, cravat, table, desk, wallpaper

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  1. pouvez vous m’informer sur sa descendance ?
    Est que Nathalie et Pierre KOSCIUSKO MORIZET sont ses arrières petits enfants

  2. General Kosciusko was a hero on the American side of the Revolutionary War. He was a Polish/Lithuanian military engineer who taught the Continental Army how and where to build fortifications. Kosciusko was wounded in 1794 while leading an unsuccessful Polish uprising against the Russian Empire. That may be why the General is shown, in this 1797 portrait, lying on a couch,with one hand held against the cloth tied around his head. An interesting side note is that Kosciusko ended up owning some land in America, which he directed in his will should be sold and the money used for manumission and education of black slaves, including Thomas Jefferson’s. That plan was never carried out due to many years of legal disputes over Kosciusko’s estate. Part of the problem was that he had written at least three other wills postdating the one in question.

  3. Looking again, I see there is a crutch behind the pillows at the end of the couch. As I noted, he was wounded (and then captured and imprisoned) while fighting for Polish independence. He was also said to have been “bayoneted in the buttocks” while fighting the British and Loyalists in America, but that wound was apparently less severe.

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