Country Kermis - David Teniers the Younger 1665

County Festival - 17th Century Dutch Painting by Teniers the Younger
David Teniers the Younger   1610 – 1690

Detail: pig, redware cook pot, plates, spoon, brass kettle, iron kettle, strainer, bench, pitcher, well, jug, thatch, festival , dancing, dog, children, piper, oven exterior, table, bread, food, piper, doves, dovecote barrel, knife, keys, hat with feather

2 thoughts on “Country Kermis - David Teniers the Younger 1665”

  • Interesting. I had never heard of Kermes in English, but in German there is a Kirmes, which evolved over time from Kirchenmesse. I looked up Kermes and found that the meaning is the same, but is attributed to the Dutch with the German influence ignored.

    Great painting

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