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Christopher Anstey with his daughter by William Hoare 1778

Christopher Anstey with his daughter by William Hoare(1707-1792) 1778William Hoare (1707-1792)

I am not sure what to call the girl headware, ideas?

Detail: book, paper, quill, ink stand, inkwell, lace, table, coat, waistcoat, matching coat and waistcoat, cravat, girl, doll, fashion doll, doll dress, plumes, gown, cloth covered buttons

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  1. Hmmm.
    It seems that Christopher Anstey is justifiably concerned about the effects this daughter’s Macaroni Barbie is having on her moral and cultural development. And if that new hat is any indication, the battle is already being lost! We hope the volume on the desk is a Book of Common Prayer. God knows we feel his pain!

  2. Would it be a mobcap? It’s hard to tell if that’s a gather with fringe below, but it’s the time period when mobcaps were a Thing.

  3. Since she’s playing with a doll could she also be showing off to her Daddy some dress-up play? Could she be playing dress-up in her Mother’s wig that is dressed with ribbons, etc?

  4. I was thinking of what the little girl is wearing on her head. Could it be a wig that she is playing dress up in? Just a guess. I used to love wearing my grandmother’s hats and gloves when I was a little girl.

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