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Center Table Detail – Village Politicians by David Wilkie and Abraham Raimbach 1813

siftingthepast_Center Table Detail - Village Politicians_David Wilkie and Abraham Raimbach_1813painter – David Wilkie (1785 – 1841) and engraver – Abraham Raimbach (1776 – 1843)

Anybody know what that shoehorn thing is on the floor?

Detail: beer bottles, beer bottle basket, basket, pipe, chair, table, decanter, half gaiters, buckled breeches, tied breeches, newspaper, eating knife, temple framed spectacles, eye glasses

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  1. Greetings!
    Great images…and thank you for providing this fantastic educational/inspirational tool! In this recent series you mentioned the “diced bonnet.” Have you also noticed the standard, floppy, “Scot’s Bonnet” being worn by a number of the individuals? From a “history nerd” standpoint that’s pretty cool to see differing styles worn at the same time. (Sometimes there is overlap in fashion….)
    Ye Servant,
    Chris Matheney
    Capt. Lt. of Rangers

  2. The gentleman in the foreground, holding the paper, is wearing clothes that have been patched several times…and his spats look quite raggedy. He gives me the impression, of being the important subject of this drawing, and my imagination tells me the front left side seated man wants something the other gentleman has, and is getting heated because the raggedy gentleman isn’t being too hasty to come to an agreement. HaHaHa…you think I watch too many movies =D

  3. I think the tool on the floor looks like a spud (a tool for digging and lifting potatoes). But that’s just a guess. Most spuds had longer handles, I think.

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