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Celebration of a Birth by Richard Brakenburgh 1683


Brakenburgh, Richard (1650 – 1702)

Details: Man, Woman, Child, Basket, Cradle, birdcage, bed warmer, barrel, table, chair, stool, pitcher, bowl, hearth, painting, cross, glass, cast iron pot, lantern, bed, curtain, leaded windows, pipe, brazier, stockings, short gown, hats, caps, apron, petticoats, fichu, mantua, breaches, waistcoat, foot warmer

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  1. I wish we could see more of the hearth. It looks like it could be raised, but it’s difficult to be certain. Nice mantel curtain.

  2. So, which one is the mother, and what does she think about having that rowdy crowd in her room when she’s just given birth? 🙂

    1. To me it looks like the mother in in the bed in the back. She looks to be wearing blue and it matches the bedclothes. She is being attended by a man with what looks like a cup in is hand. The laid-back attitude of the women seated at the table in front of the hearth strikes me as odd but also a little comforting if that’s possible. How could they not be excited about twins? Seems like they have seen this all before…

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