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Brother Wilhelm Cooking by Anonymous Late 15th Century or Early 16th Century

Brother Wilhelm Cooking_Anonymous_Late 15th Century or Early 16th CenturyAnonymous – Late 15th Century or Early 16th Century

Detail: raised hearth, fire, kitchen, iron kettle, ceramic cook pot, wood bucket, chain, spoon, knife, apron

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  1. I believe the text above reads:

    Anno m cccc und im Lxxi jar am nechste montag nach der heÿltümer weÿhüng starb wilhelm der thüt lang im koch zu sankt lorentz in dem pfarhoff gewesen(?) ist der (crossed out word) brüder / 191

    I translated this as:

    In the year 1471 (Anno M CCCC and in the LXXI year) on the next Monday after the blessing of the relics, died Wilhelm who long worked in the kitchen at Sankt Lorentz. The brother was in the presbytery. / 191

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