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British Army in Concord by Amos Doolittle engraver and Ralph Earl artist 1775

British Army in Concord Amos_Doolittle engraver-ralph earl artist_1775Amos Doolittle (1754 – 1832)   Ralph Earl (1751 – 1801)

Detail: graveyard, tombstone, telescope, walking stick, military, soldier, stone wall, military formation

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  1. Well,the one with the telescope is supposed to be Major Pitcairn, the other is Lt. Col. Smith. But I look at Smith. Looking a little scruffy for an officer, no sash nor gorget. His Regimental Coat shows the lapels are not buttoned back. But as you look at it, the lapels were probable un buttoned so as to bring the coat to a warmer way (taking the left lapel to button to the right side as was done for cold weather. Turnbacks were unbuttoned. He wears a waist belt and what seems to be full gaiters. Interesting no boots, so Pitcairn wore half gaiters. The companies in formation don’t show bearskins because that is the main body, the Light Infantry seems to be already looking about the town and you see a column marching to the North Bridge. Back to Smith’s attire, it was probably chilly on the march, but at one point, it warmed up (or he warmed up) and made himself comfortable. Smith’s head also seems a bit large, but there are documents that state he was a bit on the chubby side.

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