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Arent Anthoni Roukens and family by Willem Joseph Laquy 1786

Arent Anthoni Roukens and family *oil on canvas *75.5 x 94.5 cm *signed c.r.: W J Laquy / pinxt 1786

Joseph Laquy (1738-1798)

Details: Man, Woman, Children, Toys, Dog, Dog Collar, Woven Back Chairs, Rug, Shuttlecock, Brasier, Footwarmer, Ladies Hat, Clock, Window Dressings, Bird, Birdcage, Books, Inkstand, Inkwell,

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  1. I see “Vase” and “Flower” on the window sil, “Bust” and “Pedestral” to the left, “marble statue” or “statue” outside and “plastering” on the ceiling.
    Behind the man on the wall might be a “mirror”. On both side of the mirror is either “tapestry” or “wallpaper”.
    There is a “door” and a “window”.
    The heat map has 15 “bird-cage” but no birdcage.
    There is a “hat” on the “chair” to the right.
    The man has a “coat” and a “waistcoat” and a “walking stick”

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