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Anna Maria Hufnagel in the Kitchen by Anonymous 1663

Anna Maria Hufnagel in the Kitchen_Anonymous_1663Anonymous 1663

It looks like she is holding one of our George Washington grills and right there beside her is a set of  ember tongs, she must be a customer.

Detail: kitchen, raised hearth, tongs, fire, fish, grill, jar, brass kettle, fire hook, pitcher, brass mortar and pestle, plates, platters, delft jar, fry pan, salt box, skimmer

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  1. Do you have any other information regarding the “Anna Maria Hufnagel” picture above? Was the picture taken in Germany….as the print appears to be German? Any further information??

  2. It looks like the flame is high in back to reach that hanging kettle. The hot coals in front are for cooking and are actually much hotter than flame – hot enough to curl the hairs on your arm!!!

  3. I appreciate your response, but as the link is in German, it wasn’t really very helpful.

    Thank You.

    1. Thank You for the translation link. I’m wondering, this was a real person at one time then? Do you know what part of Germany? Do you have any family information?

      I appreciate your time and patience in providing the additional information. Again, Thank You.

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