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A Writer Trimming his Pen by Jan Ekels(II) 1784

A Writer Trimming his Pen_Jan Ekels(II)(1759-1793)_1784Jan Ekels(II) (1759-1793)

What is on the wall beside the mirror?

Detail: writer, pen, ink stand, ink well, chair, table, mirror, coat, stockings, mules, shoes, breeches, ruffled shirt, hair tie, game board

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    1. Yes it is obviously a Nine Men’s Morris board, though the depicted owner would have called it Merels.

  1. The game board looks like a game board for a dice game called Newmarket. the bag would hold two sets of colored markers or what we would call chips and a three or four dice.

  2. He sits beside a window and in front of a mirror (to reflect the window light) so he’ll have enough light for writing.

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