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A still life with French Faience Dishes, Cruets, Vegetables, and a Tart by Claude Joseph Fraichot

Claude Joseph Fraichot ( 1732 – 1803 )

Ok, the title calls the food in the dish a tart, but we are not so sure,  what do you think the best name is?

Detail:  wine, wine cooler, cruets, galleyware, majolica, faience dishes, endive, green onion, pitcher, basket, table

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  1. I have seen this painting also entitled “Still Life with Pie and Eastern Pottery”. This artisit was from eastern France. The pottery matches the region. This area is close to the German border. The tart or pie looks more like a German struedel, which would have been found in this area with both French and German people.

    My mother in law, who is from Europe, makes a similar looking dessert which she also calls “pie”. She makes it with either apples, cheese or mushrooms.

    My thoughts….neat paiting.


  2. Does someone know the title of this painting in french? Something could have been lost in translation. In french, is it “tarte” or “tourte”?
    Was this the title given by the artist or was it added afterwards?

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