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A Party Angling – George Morland 1789

George Morland  ( 1763 – 1804 )  from the Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection

Detail:  boat, fish, fishing rod, net, hats, coats, chair

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  1. Women included in activity. One woman standing up;not sure that is safe. One well dressed black man; free man or slave?

  2. The seated lady is obviously not planning to fish; she is wearing gloves and brought her parasol. What is the large black “cuff” on the wrist of the standing man baiting a hook? And it’s interesting that the man netting the fish is risking losing his hat. How can that boat possibly stay afloat with all those people in it?!!! Two kitchen chairs in a rowboat? “Netting” man’s right cuff is not reflected in the water. Black man appears to be dealing with a fish on the standing woman’s line. Black man, whom I would assume is a slave, is also wearing a ruffled shirt.

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