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A Lacemaker with Boy Blowing Bubbles by Louis de Moni 1742

A Lacemaker with Boy Blowing Bubbles_Louis de Moni_1742

Louis de Moni ( 1698 – 1771 )

Detail: Jar, bowl, chair, broom, hat, smoking pipe, lace, lake maker, lace bobbins, spectacles, basket, candle stick, knitty knotty, bird cage, bubbles, pipe box, shutter, hinge

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  1. What is that thing on the wall behind them both and what is a Knitty Knotty. If it is the Knitty Knotty, what is a Knitty Knotty? 🙂 Thank you for the picture!

    1. Yes, it is a knitty knotty or sometimes spell niddy-noddy. They are used for winding skeins of yarn.

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