A Gardener by Balthasar Denner 1735

A Gardener by Balthasar Denner(1685-1749) in 1735Balthasar Denner (1685-1749)

I could not find a larger color version of this image but I like it so much I will use it anyway.

Detail: Shoes, small shoe buckles, socks, socks over breeches, watering can, breeches, garden rake, waistcoat, shirt, suspenders, hatless

4 thoughts on “A Gardener by Balthasar Denner 1735”

  1. So glad to see an illustration showing how suspenders were worn. I’ve heard of a similar design attributed to Benjamin Franklin for use by a local Fire Company. I had assumed that the cross bar went in the back. Does anyone know the backside looked like? Straight down or crossed?

    Also interesting: Waistcoat tucked into breeches with suspenders on top; tiny shoe buckles; stockings worn over breeches.

    In all, a remarkable picture. Thanks!

  2. I was not aware that metal rake heads were common in the early 18th century. I would haave expected a wooden one.

  3. The tools are the same as ones gardeners use today. You could still find them in a garden supply shop, although the watering can might be plastic instead of metal.

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