Beeswax Candles 12 Pack BC-12

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100% natural beeswax, with a 100% natural honey scent. Our candles are 5 to 6 inches tall, which is just perfect for our lanterns. The "color" of the candles varies from a light buttery yellow to a soft butterscotch color and varies with each shipment we receive. 12 candles per pack.

Let's put a little perspective to the adage, "busy as a bee."  Did you know that bees must fly a total of about 50,000 miles back and forth from the hive to make one pound of honey?  It takes about eight pounds of honey to make one pound of beeswax.  For that same pound of beeswax, bees must colllect the nectar and pollen of a staggering 16 million flowers.  Try not to think about that the next time you light these fragrant candles for a nice relaxing evening or romantic meal.  

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Clean burning and reliable candle
These beeswax candles are not only well made and fit perfectly the frontier lantern and the pierced brass lantern (both of which I purchased from Jas. Townsend and Son along with the candles) but they also light easily, burn beautifully, and burn cleanly. I will definitely be a repeat buyer of these candles. Review by shaag (Posted on 7/12/2017)
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