18th Century Cookery DVD Series 6 V-5006

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This DVD includes dozens of delicious and interesting recipes: Switchel, Carrot Pudding, Carrot Custard, Cabbage Farce, Wine Custard (Posset), Vermicelli, Vermicelli Soup,  Vermicelli Pudding, Bone Broth, Asparagus Soup, Doughnuts, Lemon Cream, Springtime Soup, Easy Portable Soup, Whipped Syllabubs, Candied Violets, Hasty pudding, Pereserved Green Beans, Pistachio Fritters, Herbal Tea, Preserved Eggs, Another Posset, Pickled Smelt, Campfire Coffee Roasting, Pickled Onions, Preserved Strawberries, and a wonderful Strawberry Tart.  Also includes other Bonus material. 

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